Success with ILEC - B2-C1

Success with ILEC - B2-C1

Success with ILEC provides practice material to help students prepare for the exam:

the language skills tested in ILEC ie. reading, listening, writing and speaking
the techniquest required for ILEC, eg. Reading for gist, listening for detail, presenting written argument and discussing legal business
the question types found in ILEC, eg. Multiple choice, open cloze, word formation, listen and complete, presenting oral information

What is ILEC?

ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) is a high-level language qualification for lawyers.

Key Features:

5 complete ILEC tests
Detailed explanation of each part of the ILEC test
Full answer key and audio script making it perfect for self-study
Sample answer sheet from Cambridge ESOL

Who is it for?

ILEC is an examination set at CEF levels B2 and C1. ILEC is the equivalent level to the Cambridge First Certificate in English and Certificate in Advanced English and assesses language skills in a legal context.

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Success with ILEC

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