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Easter Bunny Flap Book

This is a charming Easter book with a counting element for little children, with one big colourful..

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Everyday Words Italian Flashcards

This title features a pack of illustrated cards with fifty simple words in Italian. Each card show..

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Illustrated alphabet

A rollicking romp through the alphabet with the animals at the zoo, and a different letter and ani..

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Illustrated classics - Robinson Crusoe and other stories

A wonderful collection of classic stories to enchant and delight, in a beautifully illustrated, ha..

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Illustrated Classics The Secret Garden & Other Stories

Illustrated ClassicsA collection of six timeless, classic stories in one lovely volume: The Story ..

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Illustrated Fairy Tales

A fantastic treasury of stories guaranteed to delight and entertain young children. Includes ten c..

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Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales

This is a wonderful collection of stories from the famous collectors of fairytales, "The Brothers ..

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Illustrated Myths From Arounf the World

An illustrated collection of myths from all over the world, all retold specially for young readers..

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Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths

Usborne Illustrated Stories from the Greek MythsA fantastic compendium, this wonderful collection ..

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Make This Roman Amphitheatre

This is a brand new edition of the "Cut-out Roman Ampitheatre". Each page contains pieces which ch..

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Mini Children Encyclopedia

Packed with facts, this miniature encyclopaedia is designed to be both fascinating and fun to use ..

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Poppy and Sam Easter Egg Hunt

Little children will love peeping through the holes in the pages as they help Poppy and Sam search..

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The Easter story

The dramatic events of the Easter story sensitively retold for young children. When Jesus rides in..

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Wind-up train

A toy and a book in one, this large, chunky board book comes with a wind-up toy steam train and fo..

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