2 - 3 Days The Bremen Town Musicians
The four Bremen Musicians like the little house in the forest. It’s their home now. And every day they sing and play together!
This is the story of a donkey who runs away to Bremen to play music in a band. On the road he meets other animals. Who does he meet?
On their way they find a house. But who is in the house? Read the story and see!
Vocabulary areas
animals, musical instruments,
prepositions of place, animal and
instrument sounds, emotions
Grammar and structures
Present simple - Present continuous
– Adjectives - Conjunctions: so,
because - Can for ability - There is /
There are - What (a/an) + adj+noun -
Question words
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | A Make it section |
A Let’s Act! section | An audio recording of the story and the song

The Bremen Town Musicians

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