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Real English Grammar - A2-B2

Real English Grammar - A2-B2
Designed for a wide international and multicultural market, Real English Grammar offers a fresh and original approach to the teaching of English grammar. The best aspects of new developments in linguistics and syllabus design are incorporated with the best of traditional, prescriptive methods. At the same time the book sticks very closely to already established syllabuses, so that it can be used with any of the currently popular coursebooks.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date - this grammar offers a fresh, new approach to the teaching of current English usage
  • Thorough and easy to use - all units have two pages of explanations and two pages of practice exercises
  • Real contexts - - each unit starts with an introductory piece of natural language, exemplifying the grammar topic and bringing the language to life
  • Contextualised exercises - stories and scenes and conversations, supported by colour photographs and illustrations
  • Answer key - a handy detachable booklet containing the answers to all the exercises
  • Audio CD - also available, so students can hear how the


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Real English Grammar with Answer Key Booklet & Audio CD (1) - Pre-Intermediate Level

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