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KJ Lee's Essential Otolaryngology (12th Edition)

The field of otolaryngology’s cornerstone text – Essential for board review or as a clinical refresh..

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Essentials of General Surgery (5th Edition)

For nearly 25 years, medical students and faculty alike have chosen E ssentials of General Surgery a..

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Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve (Operation Primers 11)

This operation primer provides excellent photographic step-by-step guidance to this surgical proced..

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery (4th Edition)

This bestselling Oxford Handbook has been thoroughly revised for the new edition to include brand ..

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Oxford Handbook of Colorectal Surgery -50%

Oxford Handbook of Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal Surgery is an essential revision tool for general surgical trainees preparing for..

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Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery (3rd Edition)

For its third edition, this handbook has been fully revised and rewritten for the renowned Oxford Me..

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Oxford Handbook of Urological Surgery

The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Urological Surgery is a comprehensive textbook of urological surgi..

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery -17%

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Pages: 976Year: 2008Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has been designed to provide succinct..

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Principles and Practice of Surgery (7th Edition)

Principles and Practice of Surgery is the surgical companion textbook to the international medical b..

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Sabiston Textbook of Surgery (20th Edition) SOLD OUT

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery (20th Edition)

Since its first publication in 1936, Sabiston Textbook of Surgery has been regarded as the..

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Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery 2-Volume Set (11th Edition)

For half-a-century, no other text has provided such a solid grounding in basic science, anatomy, op..

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Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery of the Foot and Ankle

Long an independent specialty, sports medicine has expanded dramatically in recent years, a trend ..

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Surgery for Rheumatic Diseases SOLD OUT

Surgery for Rheumatic Diseases

This operative atlas is a detailed guide to the most important standard surgical options for advan..

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