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Clinical Neurology (8th Edition) SOLD OUT

Clinical Neurology (8th Edition)

For more than twenty years, Clinical Neurology has helped students, residents, and clinici..

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Color Atlas of Human Anatomy Vol. 3: Nervous System and Sensory Organs (7th Edition)

The seventh edition of this classic work makes mastering large amounts of information on the nervou..

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Forensic Neuropathology

The field of neuropathology is often considered to be one of the most complex areas of pathology. G..

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Frontiers in Pediatric Neurology

This book is a complete guide to paediatric neurology for clinicians. Beginning with an overview ..

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Harrison's Neurology in Clinical Medicine (4th Edition)

Featuring a superb compilation of chapters related to neurology derived from Harrison’s Principles o..

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Oppenheimer's Diagnostic Neuropathology: A Practice Manual (3rd Edition) SOLD OUT

Oppenheimer's Diagnostic Neuropathology: A Practice Manual (3rd Edition)

Oppenheimers Diagnostic Neuropathology, A Practical Manual has become a modern classic in its fiel..

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Oxford Handbook of Neurology (2nd Edition)

Fully updated for this second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Neurology is the definitive guide for..

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Oxford Handbook of Stroke Medicine SOLD OUT

Oxford Handbook of Stroke Medicine

Stroke is an enormous health problem. It is the third major cause of death, and the major cause of ..

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Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience (2nd Edition)

The new and rapidly evolving field of cognitive neuroscience brings together cognitive psychology a..

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Stroke (What Do I Do Now)

A major unique feature of strokes is their acuteness with the necessity of rapid decision analysis ..

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Textbook of Interventional Neurology SOLD OUT

Textbook of Interventional Neurology

Endovascular intervention - using medication and devices introduced through catheters or microcathet..

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