Books for Teachers

Books for Teachers
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Act & Sing 1

ACT & SING is a 2-volume primary teacher’s resource with a set of mini-musical plays to act ou..

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Being Creative: The Challenge of Change in the Classroom

Whether you are experienced or new to the classroom, this book reveals how teachers have the poten..

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing offers more than 80 inspiring activities to stimulate your students to want to wr..

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Grammar Songs & Raps

Grammar Songs & Raps covers key grammar structures at A1 and A2. 28 original songs and raps..

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Implementing The Lexical Approach

THE LEXICAL APPROACH develops current thinking, synthesizing the best insights of previous theory,..

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Instant Grammar Lessons

INSTANT GRAMMAR LESSONS is part of National Geographic Learning's series of photocopiable teachers..

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Introducing English to Young Children: Spoken Language

A practical teacher guide book for teaching spoken English to young children Easy to read and full..

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Teaching Chunks of Language

Teaching Chunks of Language is a motivating new resource book based on the fundamental assumptions..

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Teaching Online: Tools and Techniques, Options and Opportunities

Teaching Online is a clear, accessible and reassuringly practical book - essential reading for any..

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